Wednesday, June 9, 2010

iPad & iPhone Sketch Paper for designers & developers

We are happy to announce new Sketch Paper templates for iPad and iPhone/iPod touch designers and developers.

Much like our Grid Layout templates these free PDF files are provided to help with application layout and UI/UX design/prototyping.  A large beautiful space to fill with your ideas and designs.  They are available to download from our Resources page of our site and come in two varieties.

iPad Sketch paper features a large screen area at the same dimensions as the actual device.  It also has a title detail block as well as several note blocks to call out functionality of your illustrations.

iPhone Sketch Paper features a 6-up portrait view of the screen area. It has a title detail block as well as note blocks beneath each of the screen views.

Do you have any suggestions for future templates?  Let us know as we are very happy to create tools and resources to help others in the iOS developer community.

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