Tuesday, June 15, 2010

AT&T, Apple Struggle to Handle iPhone Orders

Did you have trouble reserving or pre-ording your new iPhone 4? Well, you're not alone. Blame it on AT&T. Evidently their website melted under the punishing load of gadget loving geeks eager to get their hands on Apple's latest and greatest creation.  The Wall Street Journal reports:

AT&T said the day was the busiest for online sales in the company's history, but didn't say how many units were ordered. All iPhone 4s that could be preordered for delivery on June 24 sold out, the company said. Customers who order now will get devices on June 25 or later. There will also be iPhone 4s available in stores on June 24, AT&T said.

Though I was disappointed that only the black model is available to reserve or pre-order (my current iPhone 3G is white), I'm not too fussy about the color, so black it is. But try though I might, it wasn't able to complete the reservation process until late this afternoon. I even downloaded the new Apple Store app to give that a try (unsuccessfully).

I finally did get through the process, with Apple's website telling me "Your reservation is confirmed", though I still haven't received the confirmation email that the page promised.  If you had problems earlier today, I recommend you try again.


Kevin Bomberry said...

I tried about an hour ago and it all when through just fine... the only bottleneck was when the web form was consulting AT&T's servers to find my current plan and associated options.

I also received my confirmation email shortly after.

Maybe on the 24th, when you go in you might be able to pick up a white model instead of your pre-ordered black.

Kevin Bomberry said...

According to the Apple Store, the white iPhone 4 is “currently unavailable for pre-order or in-store pickup.”

On the AT&T site the white iPhone 4 is listed as “coming soon.”

Production issues? Production ramped up for black glass as opposed to white as it sells more? Who knows... Maybe someone at Apple, but they're not talking. :(

Don McCaughey said...

I got my confirmation email! Now my aging iPhone 3G only has to hold out nine more days! It doesn't matter much to me if its black instead of white. I guess black is the new black in iPhones this year :-)

Kevin Bomberry said...

Hahaha, nice. Black IS the new black.

I commentedon Chris Pirillio's site earlier and just posted an additional comment which is awaiting moderation. I'll post my comment here as well as it is relevant.

Chris, I just went back to Apple's iPhone 4 pre-order page to help a friend make a reservation and pick-up is no longer an option. It seems the online Apple Store has sold out of their allotment of reservations for same-day pick up.

I believe the verbiage for pre-orders has changed as well and that Apple is no longer guaranteeing same-day delivery on the 24th when the iPhone 4 is officially released.

It does state that you can come to a store and pick up an iPhone 4 on a first-come first-served basis (limit of 2) starting at 7:00 a.m. on the 24th. Which means they have an allotted amount of units set aside for sale.

As the official pre-order date is the 18th it is conceivable that only a fraction of units have been delivered and accounted for. If another shipment of iPhone 4 arrives on the 18th pre-orders may resume... until they sell out again later that day.

If that's all there is and they are sold out then what happened to the official pre-order date? Why did the system go live three days early? And what happened to white!?

I predict lines... first generation iPhone length lines... mean resentful lines... and I shall hold my head up high.

Cheers and good luck... if you still want one. (^_^)