Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Welcome back Steve Jobs!

It's been about five and a half months since Steve Jobs took (medical) leave of absence from Apple Inc.  Monday, June 29, 2009, Steve had returned to Apple - more or less.  Ryan Kim, a staff writer with the San Francisco Chronicle, states in his article, "Jobs, 54, is still in recovery after a liver transplant in Memphis. Apple representatives said he will split his time between work and home for now."

That is definitely good news but I for one don't want Steve pushing himself too hard - which seems unlikely as Steve is know to not only "drive" other's but also push himself as well.  In his absence we've seen Apple move forward even with the ebb and flow of the current market conditions. Apple today, even with it's lower than expected sales of iPods and computers, has enjoyed a 55% increase of it's stock price per share since January 14, 2009, the day Steve announced is medical leave.

You can read Ryan's article for more details and speculation on what this means for Apple.  I for one don't care, I'm just glad to see Steve back doing the things he loves - making beautiful products and great user experiences.  I'll be happier when I see him up and about the city of Palo Alto, out for a walk, doing some light shopping at Whole Foods or picking up a fro-yo at Fraiche.  Welcome back Steve!

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