Monday, May 3, 2010

In Review: Keynote, Pages and Numbers for iPad

When I started this blog entry I was thinking I would present the information in five parts,  Keynote, Pages, Numbers, File Sharing and In Conclusion.  After writing my outline and compiling research I realized that there was already considerable amounts of well done reviews and tutorials written.  Rather than drone on about what has already been said I’ll provide you with a couple of links to sites that caught my eye.

Apple, yes, Apple.  They have an online help specifically for Keynote, Pages and Numbers for the iPad.  In addition, they also have an iPad support portal with information on the three iWork apps, iBooks, Wi-Fi, 3G, Syncing, Mail, Applications, Accessories, Enterprise, Service and Repair along with a Get Started page for new users.

Kevin Purcell over at has a video on working with (beta) and the apps: Hands On: for Use with iPad iWork Apps.  He then followed up with: Can iWork Make You More Productive?

I also liked Jeff Smykil’s The keyboardless Office: a review of iWork for iPad review on Ars Technica although I disagree with his final conclusion as to the usability of the product.  I think that it is very useable “in the field” and that once you get used to the differences (and some inconsistencies) between the two apps, you can be quite productive with iPad’s iWork suite.

I will continue to work with the iWork for iPad suite and take notes as I learn tricks and tips to help us be more productive with our time.

If you have a link to a review or tutorials on using the iWork apps for iPad that you wish to share or if you have deep feelings about Keynote, Pages or Numbers (or File Sharing) on the iPad, please comment below.  Let your voices be heard.  Cheers!

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