Friday, April 30, 2010

The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash

In an interesting but somewhat mis-titled blog post, Charles Stross pulls together current trends and looks five years into the future in order to explain the motivation behind Apple, HP and others today:
I've got a theory, and it's this: Steve Jobs believes he's gambling Apple's future — the future of a corporation with a market cap well over US $200Bn — on an all-or-nothing push into a new market. HP have woken up and smelled the forest fire, two or three years late; Microsoft are mired in a tar pit, unable to grasp that the inferno heading towards them is going to burn down the entire ecosystem in which they exist. There is the smell of panic in the air, and here's why ...
An interesting read which has almost nothing to do with the current Jobs vs. Flash smackdown.

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