Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day One Apple iAd Earnings Five Times Android's

The an iPhone developer has posted their initial earnings from hosting Apple's new iAds in their application. According to FastCompany, iAds have gotten an impressive response:
iAd's "click-through" rate is something like five times higher, and its effective cost-per-thousand-impressions (ECPM) is around 300 times greater than offered by Android's system.
It will be interesting if other developers report similar revenue rates and if iAds continue to deliver after the novelty has worn off.

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Unknown said...

The app is not Dropbox. The original image was just shared on Dropbox. It's an unnamed utility application.

Don McCaughey said...

When this was first posted, the FastCompany article named Dropbox as the developer, but I see they've corrected that. I've corrected this post to match.