Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Apple releases new Magic Trackpad for Mac computers

Apple released a new device targeted for the Mac desktop computers: Magic Trackpad.  For all of us who have the current model of MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers know the new trackpad is the mouse of the mobile world, but its better (and worse) than a mouse for various reasons.  So all of you (envious) Mac Pro and iMac users who like the trackpad on the notebooks can now rest easy knowing there is an option for you to get one too.

The Magic Trackpad works just like the Multi-Touch trackpad of the notebook computers allowing you to scroll, swipe, pinch, and rotate content with your fingers.  It has both the physical and tap to click functionality of the notebook computer and uses the same set of configurable Trackpad options found in System Preferences allowing you to use gestures like Four Finger Swipe Up/Down for Expos√© and Left/Right for Application Switching as well as many other features.

The Magic Trackpad uses Bluetooth and allows for a secure connection up to 33 feet away—without cables.  The profile of the Magic Trackpad is the same as the Apple Wireless Keyboard and sits flush along next to it.  The Magic Trackpad is priced at $69.00 (USD) and is available now.

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