Wednesday, February 17, 2010

iTunes Connect Developer Guide - Updated

On February 16, 2010 at 11:00AM Apple update their iTunes Connect Developer Guide (version 5.3).  After reviewing the guide I have to say Apple is making the iTunes Connect experience a little more understandable.

The guide covers and explains some of the trickier aspects of iTunes Connect such as creating a Demo Account, In-App Purchases, the New Territories feature, additional information on export compliance and overall app submission best practices.

One thing I noticed is that Apple has done away with the Device Requirements metadata (UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities) as an option - it is now a requirement.  The UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities let's iTunes and the App Store know which app related features the app requires in order to run such as video-camera, wifi, accelerometer and opengles-1 to name a few.

To download the latest version of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide login to iTunes Connect  and click the download link (at the bottom of the home page).

For more information UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities read the iPhone Application Programming Guide (specifically the section on Device Support) available in your iPhone SDK Developer Documentation or online in the Apple Developer Connection documents (Library) area.

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