Friday, February 5, 2010

iPhone Friday - February 5, 2010

[Update]  After reviewing the article again and looking back I see that the original posting was from Dharmesh Shah's blog post Startup Advice In Exactly Three Words (which I also commented on and added my .02¢).

Hello and happy Friday! Last week's iPhone and iPod touch wallpaper was a lonely but playful image which I hope you enjoyed.

Earlier this week I was thinking about what I wanted to do to redeem myself and while working on artwork for an upcoming app I was reminded of Guy Kawasaki's blog post Three word wisdom from back in January.  I liked the creative mantras in the flurry of comments that ensued.  I even submitted a few of my own.

So in homage to Guy's [Dharmesh's] post and using the scene designed for the app, I offer up renderings of a few words of wisdom.  Cheers!

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