Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Palm, it's just not working out.

Jamie Zawinski has recently been writing about his travails trying to publish some open source applications for the Palm Pre. As iPhone developers who have to deal with Apple's often opaque and sometimes arbitrary approval process, we certainly sympathize.

On Monday he publicly declared that he's giving up on the Pre and buying an iPhone. And his beef is not with Palm's app approval process, but with the Pre itself:
Believe it or not, this actually has nothing to do with my utterly nightmarish experience of trying to get my applications into Palm's app catalog, and everything to do with the fact that the phone is just a constant pain to use.
He goes on to praise the iPhone:
and even though I absolutely despise the iPhone's on-screen keyboard... at least now I have a phone whose software actually works.
Jamie's post also inspired Steve Frank of Panic to write about his love-hate relationship with the iPhone.

Read Dear Palm, it's just not working out.

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