Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Apple Announces iTunes 9, New Nano, and more at 9/9/09 press conference

Today's Apple press even focuses on the iTunes/iPod/Music space as it has in the past - the day before the Football season (and barrage of commercials) starts.  Here's the highlights:

Steve Jobs is back - and has the liver of a 20 year old.
30 million iPhones sold in first two years.
75,000 apps in the App Store.
1.8 billion apps downloaded (not including updates).
iPhone OS 3.1
8.5 billion songs have been downloaded from iTunes
More than 100 million iTunes accounts.
iTunes is the No. 1 seller of music.
iTunes 9 is out with the following features:
  Cleaner look and improved UI
  Genius Mixes
  Better syncing
  App management/organization
  Home Sharing
  iTunes LP
  iTunes Extras
20 million iPod touchs sold (of the 220 million iPods sold to date)
Reduced iPod touch pricing (8GB @ $199, 32GB @ $299, new 64GB @ $399)
OpenGL 2.0 now on iPod touch (but not for the 8GB version)
Change in iPod Classic (160GB @ $249)
iPod Shuffle (more colors + limited edition stainless steel) (2GB @ $59, 4GB @ $79)
New iPod Nano with camera, mic, voice recorder, FM radio, pedometer and Voice Over (from the iPod Shuffle) and comes in lots of colors. (8GB @ $159, 16GB @ $179)

For more information visit: Apple, iTunes 9, iPod touch, iPod Nano, CNET's event coverage.

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