Monday, December 20, 2010

Apple announces iAd Producer

Today Apple announced iAd Producer; iAd Producer makes it easy for you to design and assemble high-impact, interactive content for iAd. iAd Producer automatically manages the HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript behind your iAd to make creating beautiful, motion-rich iAd content as easy as point and click.

For advanced developers, iAd Producer offers sophisticated JavaScript editing and debugging, along with a powerful extension mechanism that enables them to create and re-use their own page templates and components.

The iAd Producer features:
  • a visual design tool (IDE, kind of Quartz Composer-ish)
  • Page Templates
  • Component Library
  • Pre-built animations and effects
  • Simulator (Mac or iOS device)
  • Asset library
  • Advanced JavaScript Editing
  • JavaScript Debugging (like Safari Developer JS features)
  • JavaScript "minification" optimization
  • and Project validation 

Developers can log in and learn more...

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