Monday, August 9, 2010

Apple announces App Store Volume Purchase Program

Today Apple announced the App Store Volume Purchase Program giving you the ability to provide a volume discount for your app to (currently) educational institutions.

With the App Store Volume Purchase Program, education institutions in the United States can purchase your applications in volume for distribution to their students and faculty.

More information for registered developers can be found by logging into Apple Developer Center or iTunes Connect.  The App Store VPP service page states you can choose to offer special pricing that is 50% of your list price to education institutions when they purchase 20 or more copies of your app and you have the option to apply this special pricing to all of your applications or only individual applications.

This can be a good incentive for educational institutions to purchase your apps but they still have to know that the app exists to consider the purchase, so marketing and direct contact with the institutions would still be critical to your sales stratigy.

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