Monday, March 22, 2010

Apple offers App Store app gifting

Today I read a blog post from Rana Sobhany who noticed that the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions had changed, and in it Apple quietly announced that they have added App Store "gifting" which makes me (and other developers) quite happy.

As a developer when you add or update an app in the app store you are given 50 promo codes to use which is not a lot if you need to do a wide marketing campaign.  Many small developers and companies have turned to iTunes Gift Cards as a way to reimburse testers or when providing outreach for additional reporters, but how do you go about getting a .99¢ gift card.  You don't.  You have to buy a larger denomination - cutting into your profits.

Developers rejoice as you can now gift the app.  Sure you have to pay for it, but you can do a one off and it will only be the .99¢.  Thank you apple.  Now about the new MacBook Pro...

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