Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tips for a successful AppStore submission

Andrew Grant recently asked the Stack Overflow community for tips for a successful AppStore submission. Some useful tips included:
  • "You basically get no notice before your App goes live, and the review process can take any where from a few hours to a few weeks. Make sure you have a website up and running and the ability to accept (and provide) feedback." - Stephen Darlington
  • "Make sure you Small Embedded icon 57x57 matches the Large 512x512 icon. If it is "too" different in their opinion they will reject the app." - Jamey McElveen
  • "Follow the UI guidelines, if you're using any Apple widgets. For example, reusing Apple's icon sets in contexts that change their meaning (such as reusing the camera icon, which is for bringing up the Pictures album, for, say, screenshots) can be grounds for rejection." - Rothko

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